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…and if something still comes up – Cancellation conditions according to general terms and conditions for the hotel industry

In case of a cancellation, the General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry 2006 come into force. Here is a short excerpt for your information:

Here is a short extract for your information:

Cancellation by the contracting party – cancellation fee (standard rate)
5.5 Up to 3 months before the agreed date of arrival of the guest at the latest, the accommodation contract may be cancelled by the contracting party by unilateral declaration without payment of a cancellation fee.
5.6 Outside the period stipulated in § 5.5, cancellation by unilateral declaration by the Party shall be possible only upon payment of the following cancellation fees:

up to 1 month before the day of arrival 40 % of the total arrangement price
up to 1 week before the arrival date 70 % of the total arrangement price
in the last week before the arrival date 90 % of the total arrangement price.
For further information, please refer to the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF HOTEL OPERATIONS 2006 (AGBH 2006).

Cancellation by the contracting party – cancellation fee (longstay rate).
In addition to the standard rate, you will also find the so-called non-stronable longstay rate on our booking platform. This is offered at a slightly lower price from a certain number of booked nights (usually 5 or 7). However, this rate cannot be canceled and the travel price is due at the time of booking.

For deposits made by credit card and subsequent cancellations, we allow ourselves to retain 5% of the deposit amount management fee! And if something comes up?
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